Oil & Gas Production and Development

Operations in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Operations Overview

HKN Energy Ltd. holds a 62 percent PSC interest in the 420 km2 Sarsang block. TEPKRI Sarsang A/S (subsidiary of TOTAL S.A.) holds an 18 percent PSC interest with the remaining interest held by the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq (KRG).

Our Production

Sarsang Swara Tika

Swara Tika is currently our most significant production asset with over 25,000 bopd from two facilities and five wells.  Current production is focused on the gross 2P reserves of 368MMbbl in the Triassic reservoir.  Triassic reserves are high quality oil with API gravity of 36-39 API.  Today HKN’s oil production is trucked to Fishkhabur with plans to connect it via a KRG pipeline currently under construction.

Sarsang East Swara Tika

East Swara Tika has two wells currently producing approximately 5,600 bopd. East Swara Tika is estimated to contain gross 2C resources of 157MMbbl in the Triassic and gross 2P reserves of 12 MMbbl.  The reserves and resources are high quality light oil in the Triassic with API gravity of 36-39 degrees.

Our Development

Sarsang Swara Tika

The Sarsang Block Development Plan (Development Plan) for Swara Tika aims to ramp up oil production to 50,000 bopd from the Triassic reservoir. Swara Tika is expected to increase from 27,000 facility capacity currently (from two facilities) to over 50,000 bopd after commissioning of a 25,000 bopd facility. HKN plans to add up to 4 new wells to our existing wells on Swara Tika to commission the new facility.

Additional 3D seismic continues to be acquired on the Swara Tika field.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is currently constructing a pipeline from the Sarsang Block to its existing pipeline 21km to the south. The new pipeline from the Sarsang Block is expected to have a capacity in excess of 100,000 bopd.

Sarsang East Swara Tika

The current Development Plan includes East Swara Tika and calls for production of 5,000 bopd from the Triassic Kurra Chine A reservoir. The Development Plan also calls for additional seismic data and drilling to further refine development of the field.