HKN Energy Ltd. is committed to conducting our business ethically in a manner that places priority on the health and safety of our personnel and stakeholders, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. HKN believes Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) is integral to our operational and business success.

CSR is fully integrated into HKN’s operating model through our strategy planning, decision-making and conduct. Enhancing our reputation and maintaining the social license to operate is critical to achieving operational success and requires our commitment to integrate CSR throughout our organization.

To maintain our social license to operate, HKN’s CSR program is designed to create a mutually beneficial relationship in the communities we operate in to promote sustainable social and economic development. HKN is strongly committed to assisting local stakeholders increase their quality of life through local employment, contracting to local enterprises and community investment project initiatives.

CSR planning and implementation is at the forefront of our operational strategy to ensure that HKN is complying to our Core Values, regulations of the Kurdistan Regional Government and outlined commitments. HKN’s successful CSR program is achieved through proactive stakeholder engagement and long-term impact planning to mitigate any potential negative impacts.