HKN Energy Ltd.’s experienced and highly competent team ensures that all activities and operations are implemented safely, prudently and effectively. Our team consists of personnel from 21 nationalities with work experience in 80 countries.

Local Workforce Development

HKN ensures that we provide our local workforce in countries we operate in with the necessary tools to develop their competencies and skills. Successful workforce development is essential to achieving our established development and production targets.

HKN has created a learning and development program to achieve a high-skilled local workforce and develop the future leaders of the organization. Through workforce development, HKN has been able to provide career growth, recognition, advancement and rewards for the local workforce.

HKN relies on its heavily experienced international expatriate staff to provide mentorship to the local workforce to assist in the development of skills and abilities. HKN follows a mentoring program to support the transfer of knowledge, building of skills, competencies and capabilities for the local workforce. The mentorship program focuses on building local staff experience with increasing responsibilities.

Local workforce development will assist in meeting HKN’s business needs, safely and efficiently today and in the future.