HKN Energy Ltd. has enjoyed tremendous success and value creation with its strategic approach to developing the Sarsang Block.

HKN strives to maximize value creation for all stakeholders in the Sarsang Production Sharing Contract by focusing in the near-term on the following priorities, while maintaining focus on health, safety and the environment in all operating activities:

  • Development of the Triassic reservoir in the Swara Tika field to achieve production by adding facility capacity, drilling development wells, acquiring 3D seismic and gaining access to pipeline at the block boundary

  • Growth of 2P reserves in the Triassic reservoir in the East Swara Tika field

  • Evaluating upside on the Sarsang Block from the Jurassic and Cretaceous reservoirs and expansion of existing fields

  • Assisting the Kurdistan Regional Government to best utilize associated natural gas