HKN Energy Ltd.’s community investment projects aim to enhance the sustainability of the communities we are operate in. The community investment projects target sustainable solutions to target long-term community needs.

In order to ensure sustainability of the projects implemented, HKN utilizes a variety of stakeholders to assist in the implementation of projects. By engaging a wide range of stakeholders, including the community itself, the goal is to achieve long-term benefits and community ownership of the projects. HKN closely coordinates with regional and local authorities on all community investment projects.

On an annual basis, HKN conducts a community investment needs assessment to identify the priority short-term and long-term needs in the community. This process also includes the documentation of the Socio-Economic baseline data, and consultation with local communities, leaders and authorities. All community investment projects include measures and indicators of success to monitor the ongoing value of the projects.

$1.22B Cummulative economic impact in KRI

900 Employment opportunities created in KRI

$23.15M Community Investment Projects Funded

60Local Companies Contracted